The Basic Axioms of Truth;
In My Humble Opinion.

Herein I give you nothing more, or less than the Truth as I have come to see it.
Please bear in mind, the 'Truth' is a perception, like all other human experience,
and, like that experience is an ever-evolving beast.  Some Truth is definitely
captured here.  Most Truth, sadly is not.  It remains in the wild, undiscovered,
awaiting the scrutiny of your gaze, or the inner reflection of your minds' eye.
 Or, as it was once put:

      " If any Man can bring home to me and convince me that I do not act aright,
    then, gladly will I change; for I search after Truth, by which no man has
    ever yet been harmed"...
                                            - Marcus Aurelius

1      The "Golden Rule" (or its equivalent concept) has appeared in some form
        in virtually every religious and philosophical Treatise in history.  This consistency
        points to a truth that transcends time, culture, language and religion.
      This is Truth.

2      The meaning of Life may be as simple as this;
      Learn to Manage the Transition States.
        It's not being too cold, or too hot that matters, it's when you're cold, and then feel yourself
        warming up; or too hot, and a cool breeze out of nowhere brings the transition to relief;
        It's not when you're hungry, or full and satisfied that matter, it's the moment when you're hungry,
        and finally get something to's not the loneliness, or the long, comfortable love, but the
        first moments of falling in love, of two, becoming one.  It's not the birth, not even the Death,
        but the transitions between, and how you manage them, that really matter

3      Things that Fall from the sky Suck.
        You can make a case for 'Singin' in the Rain', but the fact is, normal people
        go inside when it rains.  Falling things include; dead leaves, Hail, Sleet, Snow,
        Meteorites, Bird Shit, Stray Bullets, Atomic Fallout, and parts of objects
        that are de-orbiting.  A case was made for "'Manna from Heaven', but given that
        the 'Manna' event was over 4,000 years ago, and no one has even the faintest
        clue what 'Manna' might be, much less how to get more, I must exclude it.

4      If You're not failing or getting rejected at least a healthy part of the time,
       You're not taking enough risks.  All hills have two sides, one up, one down.
        Reality teaches us that Nature adores equilibrium. Expect Good and Bad to travel
        together often.  Welcome them both.

5       Necessity is the Mother of Invention, But Dissatisfaction is its Father.
         Until it hurts enough, very very few of us will change, even though we
         know we can and should.

6      Everything Is Relative
          Email me, we can discuss if you wish, but not here.

7      Knowledge is Power, but Real Power is really nothing more than the ability
         to control your own future...      'Know Thyself'

8     Never Eat Any animal that has more than four legs, or less than two legs.
         This will keep you from eating a great many disgusting things.

9      You're smarter than you realize you are, but probably not as smart as you need to be
        to succeed in the things you're trying (or hoping) to do.
        We tend to actualize to the simplest common denominator in the list of our days,
        and all too often, leave vast resources within us untapped, while we repeatedly
        beat the same brain cells for skills that aren't and won't be in them.

10    Evolution is a Harsh Mistress, and she's not nearly done with us yet.
        Do not dare think for one moment that she is.  You're still part of a race
        for the survival of the fittest.

11    You must Believe.
       Pick your Deity, or your cause, or your political party, but the greatest strength
        that lives in humanity is the power of Belief.  It can change lives, alter the course
        of history (past, present or future), maybe even move mountains or part seas.
        It begins in you.  Know something, with all your heart and soul to be True, and start
        with yourself.